June Update

Hi guys, It’s been a while since we’ve had a chat and I thought I’d let you know what’s been happening here at chez Donovan. My darling wife recently had a significant birthday and we’re in the middle of preparing to host a family gathering here in August. Fingers crossed for the weather. We’ve recently returned from a fortnight in the UK, visiting our family—two weeks that flew by. I always return exhausted from those trips, but happy to have seen our three children and three (soon to be four) grandchildren. That's the domestic news, now for the authorial front [...]

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I’ve Been Interviewed…

I've Been Interviewed... Hi guys, Thought I'd let you know I've been interviewed by a blogger. If you fancy reading it, here's the link. https://whathasbeenread.wordpress.com/2014/08/04/interview-with-author-kerry-j-donovan/ Cheers, Kerry  

The Transition of Johnny Swift – Available now!

The Transition of Johnny Swift - Available now! Hi there, After months and months of writing, editing, re-editing, pulling out hair, planning, and editing some more, the day has finally arrived. My latest book, THE TRANSITION OF JOHNNY SWIFT, has hit the bookshelves. Whoop, whoop. Sooooo excited. One of the most difficult aspects of publishing this particular book has been to decide into which genre it falls. The book isn’t easy to describe in a so-called elevator pitch (a fabled fifteen-second précis to a potential publisher). Normally things are easy for me on the genre front. A simple, couplet will [...]

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Interview with Michaela Miles

Interview with Michaela Miles M: Today I've taken over author Kerry J Donovan's website to throw questions at him from readers, and a few of my own. Thanks for taking the time, Kerry. K: No problems, Michaela. I love talking about my favourite subject. :-) M: So let's start with the obvious. What is your latest book, The Transition of Johnny Swift about? K: Oh hell the dreaded synopsis - how to condense 96k words into a single sentence? I find this so difficult to answer. In a single sentence, Johnny Swift is the story of one man's fight to [...]

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Character: Shadow-man

Character: Shadow-man Hi guys, As promised, today I give you the final character bio, Shadow-man: Shadow-man: Occupation: Unknown Age: Unknown Height: Variable Description: Frank sees him as semi-transparent, “Like one of those wire frame animations they use to create the skeletons for movie avatars, but before they add skin and clothing.” Background: Unknown. No one can see him but Frank, and then only when Frank’s in a state of stress, usually during a race. That's it for the Cast of Major Characters. There are others in the novel of course: Bill, TBR's lead mechanic; Angus head of the pit crew, [...]

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Character: Jenny Barratt

Character: Jenny Barratt Hi guys, Now's the time to share the bio of my second favourite character after Frank. Hope you'll grow to love her too: Jennifer ‘Jenny’ Barratt Occupation: PA to Pete and Girl-Friday to Team Brazier Racing (TBR) Age: 20 Height: 5’7” Description: With his customary lack of originality, Frank calls her ‘drop-dead gorgeous’. Jenny is curvaceous, titian-haired, blue-eyed, and very self-assured, at least superficially. Background: At work, she wears ‘ugly-arsed glasses’ and dresses like a librarian to fend off the unwanted advances of the team’s mechanics. Frank sees through her disguise, and she wants him to. Jenny [...]

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Character: Paula Brazier

Character: Paula Brazier Hi guys, As promised, here's the next character bio: Paula Brazier: (Frank's sister) Occupation: Student, Royal Academy of Music - London Age: 20 Height: 5’9” Description: Slim, bordering on elfin. Dark, shoulder-length hair, normally tied in a ponytail. She dresses for comfort, flat shoes, smart office casual, doesn’t wear make-up. Background: A naturally gifted pianist who sings in perfect pitch, Paula won a full academic scholarship to Royal Academy of Music in London, where she has just started her second year. During the end-of-season party, Frank persuades Paula to play for the crowd. Frank calls her ‘Screech’ [...]

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Character: Pete Brazier

Character: Pete Brazier Hi guys, As promised the other day, here's the second character bio from the book... Pete Brazier (Frank’s adoptive father): Occupation: Owner and chief designer of Team Brazier Racing (TBR) Age: Early 60s, but looks younger Height: 5’ 11” Description: Slim and vital. His mouth forms a natural frown but he has warm eyes. His hair is long and wavy (like Frank’s) but salt ‘n’ pepper. Background: Widower, Pete lost the love of his life, Laura, to bone cancer three-years ago. He dotes on his children, Frank, whom he adopted when aged four, and Paula, a miracle [...]

Character: Frank Brazier

Character: Frank Brazier Hi all, As promised, here's Frank's bio: ‘Fiery’ Frank Brazier: Occupation: Racing driver Age: 24 Height: 6’2” Description: Broad-shouldered, slim-hipped, powerfully built. He has pale green eyes, shoulder-length, wavy brown hair, and a winning smile. Hates shaving and sports ‘designer stubble’. Background: Frank is the adopted son of Pete Brazier, owner and chief designer of Team Brazier Racing (TBR). Thanks to Pete and his engineering team, Frank’s bright yellow TBR MKIV is the fastest in the F2500 championship--almost unbeatable in the hands of a master. Frank’s nickname stems from his driving style and his surname, not his [...]

Review: The Transition of Johnny Swift

Review: The Transition of Johnny Swift Hi guys, As you know, it's not in the Irish/British psyche to sing one's own praises, goes a little against the grain. We, or at least I, have a tendency to be more self-deprecatory and laid back than others. But this is worthy of note. When a writer sends out Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) of their new work it's a bit like a parent sending a child to school for the first time. We never really know how they'll get on in the big wide world. Will they come home crying because they've been [...]

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