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#1 Amazon bestselling author with the US-based Lucky Shores romantic suspense series and the Ryan Kaine action thrillers, and creator of the popular DCI Jones Casebook crime novels, Kerry J Donovan was born in Dublin.

Kerry’s life experiences help him add an extra layer of realism to his stories and his characters. For example, you’ll find the water-borne adventures of his action hero, Ryan Kaine, a former member of the Royal Navy’s Special Boat Services, as authentic and exciting as…

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“This story grabbed me by the throat, shook me around, and left me breathless.”

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Reader Reviews: Praise for Kerry’s Books.

I absolutely adored this story. I loved the plot, I loved characters and I loved the use of the British vernacular which kept me aware that the action was taking place in the UK. The suspense was spine tingling and some of the scenes were so unexpected I would gasp out loud! This author always writes an interesting and enjoyable story which keeps me wanting more! Outstanding, Mr. Donovan.

Cheryl Pompilli, Amazon

Another brilliant Ryan Kaine thriller! This was quite an enjoyable read, and I had such a tough time putting it down I just plowed through in one sitting. Lots of action, just the right amount of weaponry info, and a great deal of development between characters. I really appreciated the depth almost all relevant characters were given (which adds an extra intangible and gives a story balance in my opinion).

Danny, Amazon

There has been a proliferation of novels spawned by Jack Reacher, many of which are long on killings per page and short on writing skills. Ryan Kaine: On the Defensive does not meet either of the above criteria. It is a superb story crafted by a terrific writer. Without spoiling it, I can say that it is exciting, enthralling, well-written and most importantly has a feel-good ending.

Peter, Goodreads

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  • I have been with Ryan from the very beginning and I think this is the best one yet….except maybe the original. Seeing Ryan with his righteous anger at full throttle was wonderful. He is the very best kind of hero: he is utterly ruthless when he needs to be but he has a heart and compassion that he can never completely hide. Teresa Collins
  • Ryan Kaine is back, still on the run but showing a softer side after all the death and destruction in Ryan Kaine: On The Run. The characters are well described and the search and rescue team at Lodge Farm, particularly Iona, Gregor, and Drew are finely drawn in description. The tense relationship between Sergeant Townes and Buffalo Bill Cody is well crafted and the twist at the end is a surprise. John Hunt

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