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One young man’s fight to save his family from a threat nobody else can see or understand.

When Frank Brazier wakes in a hospital bed after an horrific rail crash, he’s blind, wracked in pain, and confused. Voices call to him from the darkness. Impossible voices of people who can’t be there.

In the next room, his sister, Paula, is brain dead. But Frank knows better—one of the voices he hears is hers! He has no one to turn to, but his girlfriend and the mysterious, ominous Shadow-man. But who is Shadow-man? What’s his game?


DCI Jones Casebook:
Ellis Flynn

When their daughter fails to return from school, Hollie Jardine’s parents are terrified. Is she a runaway, or the victim of something more sinister?

Veteran Detective, David Jones, head of the Midlands Police, is tasked to find her. His team soon discovers a link to convicted sex-offender, Ellis Flynn, whom Jones suspects of grooming the naive teenager.

As he closes in on the abductor, Jones faces an impossible decision – give himself up or the girl dies—do nothing and the girl dies.

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The Transition of Johnny Swift

Kerry’s new novel, The Transition of Johnny Swift, will be published in late 2014. As a thank you to supporters and fans, Kerry is offering a pre-order window at a discounted rate.

Kerry is also giving everyone who is on the pre-order list for The Transition of Johnny Swift a free e-copy of his crime thriller, DCI Jones Casebook: Ellis Flynn (with verified purchase).


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DCI Jones Casebook:
Raymond Francis Collins

Birmingham, England, a sunny day in the city park. Children play, adults stroll – and a man lies dead in a pool of blood. His terrified fiancé screams for help.

The assailant smiles, waves goodbye and strolls away into the trees…

DCI Jones, together with his protege, Sergeant Phil Cryer are called to investigate the most difficult of crimes – an apparently motiveless and random attack. Hampered by a lack of resources, Jones and Cryer have to act quickly to prevent a murder spree…

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What The Reviewers Say

“Introducing a fresh new voice in British fiction. This clever paranormal tale will make you question everything… and eagerly await the sequel. As you can tell, I loved it.”
- Stacey Teale, former editor of the Daily Mail Online, #1 newspaper website in the world.

“Kerry J Donovan is a gifted wordsmith with a distinctive voice you won’t soon forget.”
- David Corbett, award-winning author of The Art of Character.

“This Book is a masterclass in characterisation. Frank Brazier – is exceptionally vivid and beautifully realised. I was absolutely absorbed.”
- The Struggling Writer

“I read Johnny Swift binge-fully and compulsively. Donovan combines enough mystery, hope, and tragedy to lose sleep over.”
- Matt Demers, author of Ronda Rousey – The Biography.

“A masterful struggle between reality and fantasy.”
- Michaela Miles


Coming Soon:
Another DCI Jones Casebook

Detective Chief Inspector David Jones has closed a lifetime of cases, saved countless victims, and put away his fair share of criminals.

But what happens to the ones that get away? The ones he can’t save?

Jones has no family, few friends, and the job is his life. Those case files are stored in a specific drawer in his office, and are always active in his mind.

Kerry J Donovan delves into these case files to bring the next DCI Jones Casebook to the reader in December 2014.

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  • Reader Reviews

    • If you’re looking for a quick, true-to-life crime story, than Donovan’s DCI Jones: Collins will suit you. The characters all seem like someone one you may have met, and lack the cliches that those CSI shows seem to throw at you. Matt (Amazon)
    • Strap yourself in; lock your doors; bring in the cat and tape the cat door shut before you take off with Inspector Jones in pursuit of Ellis Flynn from England into France. Memphis Trace (Amazon)
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