“Friday-Fortnight” Interview with Carolyn Steele

“Friday-Fortnight” Interview with Carolyn Steele Hi guys, As I start this interview, it’s raining, the fire is roaring in the grate, and winter is already starting to wear me down. Let’s try to lighten the mood with a cosy chat with my latest guest, the fabulously witty, Carolyn Steele. KJD: Afternoon, Carolyn, how are you? CS: Not bad Kerry. Thanks for this lovely cup of coffee and the lemon drizzle cake is to die for. How are you? KJD: Much better now that you’re here. So to get started, you’ve had a really wide and [...]

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“Friday-Fortnight” Interview with Bob Rector

“Friday-Fortnight” Interview with Bob Rector Hi guys, Here’s the first FFI of the New Year. Blimey, where does all the time go. Don’t know about you, but I’m far too old to set New Year resolutions, but if any of you have made one, good luck keeping them. Wonder what’s in store for us this year? Who knows? I’ll be publishing a new Casebook in a few weeks and after that, more writing, I guess, but enough about me. Today, I’m chatting with Bob Rector another of my friends from the online writing group ‘eNovel [...]

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“Friday-Fortnight” Interview with Lois Ledanowski

“Friday-Fortnight” Interview with Lois Ledanowski Hi guys, We’re in the middle of another festive season and I hope things are going really well with you all. Boxing Day, eh? I’m exhausted. Today, I’m chatting with Lois Lewandowski, who’s taken time out of her holiday to spend in my little writing cave. KJD: Hi Lois, thanks for coming. I have to say, you look surprisingly alert for this early on a Boxing Day morning. Welcome, welcome indeed. LL: Thanks, Kerry both for the kind invite and for the blatant lie. I must look a fright. KJD: [...]

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“Friday-Fortnight” Interview with Bronwyn Elsmore

“Friday-Fortnight” Interview with Bronwyn Elsmore Hi guys, Welcome to the latest FFI. I’ve had a wonderful response from the Friday-Fortnight Interview series that has encouraged me to do more. If there are any authors out there who fancy a spot contact me and we’ll have a chat. Today’s guest is Bronwyn Elsmore, a great friend and another member of the excellent and highly supportive online writer’s group, eNovel Authors at Work. Go check out the site, you’ll find a bunch of great authors in the group who produce fantastic books in a wide range of [...]

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“Friday-Fortnight” Interview with Julie Frayn

“Friday-Fortnight” Interview with Julie Frayn Hi guys, Welcome to the latest FFI. I’ve had a busy fortnight, writing, working, jogging, and more writing. The latest DCI Jones Casebook, Sean A Freeman is with the beta readers and I await feedback—scary. But more of that in another blog post, it’s time to introduce my guest, my Canadian friend and psychological thriller author, Julie Frayn. Check out her website, it's sweet. KJD: Welcome Julie, how you doing this afternoon? Okay, let’s be honest here. We’re talking virtually, nobody’s going to believe that you flew over from Canada, [...]

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“Friday-Fortnight” Interview with Jenny Harper

“Friday-Fortnight” Interview with Jenny Harper Hi guys, Welcome to the latest FFI. Can you believe it’s been a fortnight since I chatted with Laurie Boris? Where does the time disappear? So, what’s been happening since then? The clocks went back an hour last weekend leaving us with shorter evenings and longer nights. Autumn is here - that’s ‘Fall’ to my friends on the other side of the Atlantic, and they have it right; I seem to spend half my spare time sweeping up dead leaves right now. Winter’s knocking at the door and I’ve filled [...]

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“Friday-Fortnight” Interview with Laurie Boris

“Friday-Fortnight” Interview with Laurie Boris Hi guys, Welcome to my writer’s studio. Yeah okay, I’m in my office in the attic, so sue me. Every fortnight, I’ll be inviting an author over for tea and cakes, although some of them insist on bringing coffee. Never mind, I’m such a genial host, I put up with the foul smell of burnt wood. See what a nice fellow I am? My wife, Jan, provides the cakes, and then disappears because she can’t stand to hear writers coming to blows. She also hates having to clean up the blood [...]

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“Friday-Fortnight” Interviews

"Friday-Fortnight" Interviews Hi guys, Here's a short note to let you know that I've booked the first guest for my new Friday-Fortnight interview slot. Expect interesting news, world-shattering exposĂ©s, and a deep investigation into the dark psyche of the author’s mind. Nah, not really, I’m just jotting down notes during a fireside chat with some author friends of mine. Occasionally even this curmudgeonly recluse invites friends  to stop by for tea and cakes, oh and coffee for the Americans. Mark the date on your calendar, 17th October. Cheers, Kerry. PS: My first guest is Laurie Boris, writer of literary fiction, [...]

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I’ve Been Interviewed…

I've Been Interviewed... Hi guys, Thought I'd let you know I've been interviewed by a blogger. If you fancy reading it, here's the link. Cheers, Kerry  

Interview with Michaela Miles

Interview with Michaela Miles M: Today I've taken over author Kerry J Donovan's website to throw questions at him from readers, and a few of my own. Thanks for taking the time, Kerry. K: No problems, Michaela. I love talking about my favourite subject. :-) M: So let's start with the obvious. What is your latest book, The Transition of Johnny Swift about? K: Oh hell the dreaded synopsis - how to condense 96k words into a single sentence? I find this so difficult to answer. In a single sentence, Johnny Swift is the story of one man's fight to [...]

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