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“Friday-Fortnight” Interview with Laurie Boris

“Friday-Fortnight” Interview with Laurie Boris Hi guys, Welcome to my writer’s studio. Yeah okay, I’m in my office in the attic, so sue me. Every fortnight, I’ll be inviting an author over for tea and cakes, although some of them insist on bringing coffee. Never mind, I’m such a genial host, I put up with the foul smell of burnt wood. See what a nice fellow I am? My wife, Jan, provides the cakes, and then disappears because she can’t stand to hear writers coming to blows. She also hates having to clean up the blood [...]

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Reader Reviews

  • His characters are extremely well rounded, with Kerry slowly building nuances into their personalities, giving the reader an opportunity to really know and care about them. That’s something few writers are able to fully accomplish, yet Kerry Donovan has managed that task seamlessly. ‘The Transition of Johnny Swift” is a terrific read, and I can’t wait for the sequel. Mary L Allen
  • On the Rocks is another Donovan winner. Plenty of action, adventure, characters you care about and ones you REALLY love to hate. This book is like every other Donovan novel I have read in that it is well-written, never gets dull or boring, the story smoothly flows from beginning to a terrific ending and leaves you anticipating the next one. Teresa Collins

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