New Ryan Kaine Book – On the Lookout

Hey Guys,

Great news from my publisher today! The next book in the Ryan Kaine series is available for pre-order now!

Ryan Kaine is On the Lookout…

Alone on a hilltop, protecting the people he owes the most, a silent net is closing in on Ryan Kaine.

In an age of facial recognition and constant electronic surveillance, Kaine is struggling to keep a step ahead of the world’s security agencies.

But when a child, orphaned by flight BE1555, needs The 83 Trust’s help, Kaine has to find a way.

In deepest Wales, he and his team are the only people between a gang of violent thieves and the boy’s new family.

But while Kaine looks out for the boy, who’s looking out for him?

A pulse-racing episode in the compelling Ryan Kaine series.

If you like Lee Child, Mark Dawson and Robert Ludlum, you’re going to find the Ryan Kaine series compulsively addictive.

And in other news, I’m cracking on with the NEXT Ryan Kaine book, whose title I can’t yet reveal. I really hope you enjoy Kaine’s mission to save one of The 83 in picturesque South Wales.