Hi guys,

2016 already? How the heck did that happen? It seems as though we were only celebrating the New Millennium a couple of years ago. Time marches, nay, sprints along.

Jan and I, the wanderer, are safely home after our recent 16-hour journey (drive-ferry-drive) from Cheshire (UK) to Brittany (France). A kindly neighbour lit our paraffin heater a couple of hours before our return so at least the temperature in our front room had crawled above freezing point. The rest of the house though, was Arctic.

From the above, you may have gathered that we don’t have central heating here in the wilds of Brittany, so the first thing to do after arriving is to warm the house after the fortnight’s absence. The return goes something like this: build fire in wood-burning stove, unpack car, load perishables in to the freezer, turn in, trying to stop toes falling off from frostbite.

Up early the next morning after a night’s sleep in my own bed. In the UK, we slept in six different beds over eleven nights—not good for this old guy’s back.

After a quick breakfast, we made a trip to the dentist. She repaired a cracked filling and as I type this blog, the anaesthetic is wearing off and my lip is doing that numb-tingle thing. I’m trying not to bite my cheek—done that so many times after dental work.

So, there you have it: a seemingly  interminable journey, a cold house, limited sleep, neck ache from all that driving, and dental work—welcome home, KJD.

Now for the good news, the next book in the Kerry J Donovan portfolio, On Lucky Shores, is due for publication on the 18th of January. I will reveal the cover this week, but to whet your appetite, here’s a short teaser:

ON LUCKY SHORES: an adventure story of secrets and lies in small town America.

This time yesterday traveling musician, Chet Walker, was asleep in a motel room dreaming of another day on the open road searching for a gig. Today he’s in a hospital, battered and bruised, and bound by a promise he made to a dying man—a promise he might not live to keep.

I’ll post another teaser soon.