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Ryan Kaine: On The Run

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Ryan Kaine: On The Run

Hi guys,

I am completely delighted to announce that my action thriller, Ryan Kaine: On the Run, is now available. To thank you for your support and for One Week Only, I am offering the e-book to my subscribers for 99c/99p. This offer ends on Friday, May 19th and is available in all Amazon regions.

Here’s a brief sample to whet your appetite (NB the following scene is violent and graphic in nature).

In this scene, Ryan Kaine has been ambushed and is grappling with his attacker:

Kaine dug his toes into the footpath and worked his way upwards, edging towards Shooter’s neck. He pushed his face close. Shooter tucked in his chin, but too late. Kaine found the soft tissue at the big man’s throat. He bit down hard on salty skin and locked his jaws.
Shooter gagged and squirmed. He flailed, kicked, and tried to buck Kaine off, but Kaine, the limpet, refused to let go. The blows stopped as Shooter’s free hand found Kaine’s forehead and tried to push him off. Kaine clamped down harder, tearing, rending, crushing.
It was Kaine or Shooter. No quarter, no surrender.
Fingernails dug into Kaine’s flesh, gouging, frantic.
Hot blood spilled into Kaine’s mouth and he gagged. He tasted salt and iron. Gristle crunched.
Shooter’s gun arm weakened as he focussed all his attention on dragging Kaine’s teeth from his throat. His fingers searched for Kaine’s eyes. Kaine relaxed his jaws and pulled his head away.
Air gurgled through Shooter’s crushed windpipe.

To purchase the book at the special offer price, click here.

If you like Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher, you’ll love Ryan Kaine. I know you’ll enjoy reading the book, as much as I enjoyed writing it. And one more thing, please don’t forget to leave a review when you finish reading. Reviews like this one really make writing for eight hours a day worthwhile:

Despite my soft spot for DCI Jones, this is the best thing KJD has ever written. I could not put it down. My kids missed dinner one day and I think I adopted a new cat. Seriously.
The action is fast and real, and his amazing ability to describe a scene in just enough words to keep everything moving while creating a perfect visual world in my head and taking me with the characters emotionally is brilliant.
Loved it,” ARC reader, April 2017.

Read, enjoy.


About the Author:

#1 Amazon bestselling author with the US-based Lucky Shores thriller series and the Ryan Kaine action thrillers, and creator of the popular DCI Jones Casebook series of crime novels, Kerry J Donovan was born in Dublin. A citizen of the world, he currently lives in a stone cottage in the heart of rural Brittany, which he took five years to renovate with his own gnarled and calloused hands. The cottage is a pet-free zone (apart from the field mice, moles, and a family of red squirrels). He has three children and four grandchildren, all of whom live in England. An absentee granddad, Kerry is hugely thankful for the modern miracle of video calling.

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Reader Reviews

  • Well thought-out plots and thrilling pacing makes this a great box set to pick up. If you are new to Kaine, you won’t be disappointed. Clay Boutwell
  • It amazes me how this author creates such a complex plot with seeming ease. There are so many twists and turns in this story that it had me gasping out loud. Kerry J Donovan has become one of my favorite authors. Cheryl Pompili

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