Death, Lies, and Duct Tape

Hi there,

Well, in Brittany, we’re edging into spring and as usual, the weather can’t make up its mind what to do–sunny and almost warm one minute, and perishing cold or wet the next. The joys of a maritime climate!

That being said, I don’t mind the cold too much as I love to snuggle up warm and cosy and spend the long, dark nights reading. And that’s the main point of this bulletin. I’m delighted to announce that my novel, The DCI Jones Casebook: Sean Freeman, is part of an exciting multi-author box set.

Death, Lies, and Duct Tape is a fourteen full-novel box set, available for the absolute bargain pre-order price of 99c. Yep, that’s right, each book works out at around 7c a pop. Even if you’ve already bought my excellent crime novel, Sean Freeman, you’ll still have thirteen other superb novels to enjoy.

Death, Lies, and Duct Tape won’t be released until the end of May 2017, but if you like to be ahead of the game, you can pre-order it now on Nook, Kobo, or iBooks. For technical reasons, we’re not using pre-orders for Amazon, but to make absolutely certain you don’t miss out, please join our special mailing list and we’ll send you one of the titles from the box set FREE.

You’ll find sign-up details on the Death, Lies, and Duct Tape website here. We’ve also created a private Facebook group, so you can join that too if you like. We have a good crowd building over there, discussing all things crime fiction.

What do you get for your 99c?
Fourteen writers at the top of their game. Fourteen best-selling books. Fourteen ways to keep you reading through the night. If you want to learn more, we’ve put together a FREE sampler containing the first chapter of each novel. To pick up your copy, click here.

And, if that’s not enough excitement, in the coming weeks, I’ll have some exciting information regarding my latest novel, an action-packed corporate espionage thriller, introducing a tough former-military hero, Ryan Kaine.