**Special Offer – Price Reduction on
The DCI Jones Casebook: Ellis Flynn**

Hi guys,

Here’s my first news blog.

Starting from around midnight, 25th May, and for a couple of weeks thereafter, I’ve lowered the price of my DCI Jones Casebook novel, Ellis Flynn. You will be able to download the Kindle e-version for the astonishingly low price of… wait for it…

£2.37 (US$3.99).

“What? Really?”

That’s right, £2.37!

“You’re kidding. Have you flipped?”

Probably, but I’m hoping more of you will learn to love my mate, Detective Chief Inspector David Jones, and will want to snap up his next adventure, which is due for publication at the end of July.

“Hang on, another book? You’ve kept that quiet.”

Yep, my publishers have sworn me to secrecy before now because they’re inundated with orders for my other, non-Casebook novel, The Transition of Johnny Swift.

“So, you’re publishing two novels in the space of a couple of months? How prolific is that?”

I’m catching up for lost time. Although I began writing in 1985, I’ve only just started publishing. I have loads and loads of stories stored in this poor, overstuffed brain, and need to put them on the page to share with the world.

“Can’t wait to read the latest. Can you give us a hint?”

I’ll tell you all about it later, but all I’ll say right now, is that the title is either going to be “Portmanteau”, or “Summer 2011”.

“Interesting. Can you give us a little more?”

Only that the book will be around 60,000 words, it will cover a number of cases from the long, hot summer of 2011. We’ll learn a little more about my mate, David Jones, and the members of his Serious Crime Unit.

“Summer of 2011, so this book is set before the events you cover in Raymond Francis Collins and Ellis Flynn, your two previous Casebooks?”

That’s right, didn’t I tell you it’s a prequel? How remiss of me, tut tut. 🙂

“Come on, don’t keep us hanging.”

Nope, sorry that’s it for now. You’ll have to wait for my next Book Blog.

“When will that be?”

A couple of weeks, but in the meantime, you could always buy Ellis Flynn and dive into David Jones’ world. I’ve been told it’s a damned fine crime thriller, and who am I to argue with my reviewers and readers.



Kerry J Donovan.

PS: As with all my blogs, if you want to learn more, leave a comment and we’ll have a chat. 😉