Ryan Kaine: On The Defensive – Out Now!

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I am so excited to announce this. Book three in the hard-hitting, action-packed Ryan Kaine’s 83 action thriller series On the Defensive is live today. Have you picked up your copy yet? If not, here’s what you’re missing.

In London, the Constantine family (one of The 83 families Kaine has vowed to protect) is in trouble. Intimidated by thugs who want to take over their family business and drive them from their home, they have nowhere to turn, nowhere to hide. When the father is attacked and left for dead, the police aren’t interested, but Ryan Kaine is. He flies in to help …

Who is Ryan Kaine?
Not met Ryan yet? If you haven’t read the first book in the series Ryan Kaine: On the Run, don’t worry. All the books can be read as standalone novels, but you can check out the first episode by clicking on the cover below. Find out where Ryan’s exciting story began.

When a passenger plane explodes in mid-flight, killing all eighty-three passengers and crew, Ryan Kaine is set up as the fall guy. Hunted as a terrorist by the police, and targeted for death by the sinister organisation ultimately responsible for the crash, Ryan Kaine is On the Run.

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