Published today (9th May 2015), The DCI Jones Casebook: Sean Freeman.

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Hi guys,

First, I’d like to thank everyone who pre-ordered a copy of the latest adventure starring the veteran detective, David Jones. Thanks millions. Happy, happy face.

When I sent my latest baby into the world with a packed lunch, a bottle of water, and instructions to fend for itself, I was truly terrified. However, watching the pre-order numbers climb over the past week or so has given me confidence that my precious infant will find many new homes and have a happy and full life.

I now have to wait for feedback. Will existing DCI Jones fans enjoy Sean Freeman much as they did the other books in the series? Will new readers enjoy the book enough to read more? Will David Jones ever teach Phil Cryer to keep his side of the office tidy? Oh heck, the wait is killing me.

On a serious note, those who’ve already read the Casebooks might be surprised to find that Sean Freeman is set before the events described in Raymond Collins and Ellis Flynn. I’m sorry, but David’s recent cases are sub judice and subject to reporting restrictions. Neither he, nor the UK Director of Public Prosecutions will allow me to publish them yet. However, the DPP has allowed me to report the Sean Freeman case, in which David Jones faces a very cunning jewel thief, has a full caseload, and struggles with a temperamental car. 🙂

I hope to shed light on David’s recent cases very soon.

Finally, dear reader, I have a heartfelt plea. If you enjoy the novel, would you do me the kindness of posting a short review on Amazon? No need to write heaps, a couple of sentences would be fantastic. Reviews from happy readers are indie writers’ main way of promoting our work. Also, if you fancy a chat, I’d love to hear from you. My contact details are below.


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