The first three DCI Jones Casebooks in one neat package.

Book 1: Sean Freeman
A genius jewel thief targets a Birmingham museum and DCI David Jones is on the case.

Book 2: Raymond Collins
A murder in a city park leads to a chase through the streets of Birmingham.

Book 3: Ellis Flynn
Ellis Flynn: In his most heartbreaking case, David Jones searches for a missing teenage girl.

Publisher: Human Vertex Publications

Book 1: Sean Freeman
“Diamonds are nothing more than compressed carbon.”

Veteran cop, DCI David Jones, is tough and uncompromising. His Serious Crime Unit has the best arrest record the Midlands Police Service has ever seen. Jones and his dedicated team work hard to keep it that way.

Locksmith turned jewel thief, Sean Freeman, is the best in the UK. He's never been caught—the police have never even come close. When Freeman's vicious gangland boss, DB Parrish, forces him to break into the Stafford Museum, the UK’s most secure premises outside of the Bank of England, he's in trouble. The Stafford Museum is in the middle of Jones' jurisdiction.

Someone's record is going to suffer.


In this opening instalment of the DCI Jones Casebook series, veteran detective, David Jones tackles a series of cases and faces a clever and engaging criminal he respects and would probably like—under different circumstances. But Jones has a job to do and Freeman is going down.

Book 2: Raymond Collins
Birmingham, England, a sunny day in the city park. Children play, adults stroll--and a man lies dead in a pool of blood. His terrified fiancé screams for help.

The assailant smiles, waves goodbye and strolls away to hide in the city.

DCI Jones, together with his protégé, Detective Sergeant Phil Cryer are called to investigate the most difficult of crimes--an apparently motiveless and random attack. Hampered by a lack of resources, Jones and Cryer have to act quickly to prevent a murder spree.

Book 3: Ellis Flynn
An empathetic detective and his Swedish-born colleague hunt for the abductors of a teenage schoolgirl—a police procedural set in England and France.

When fourteen-year-old Hollie Jardine fails to return home from school, her terrified parents call the police.

It doesn’t take veteran detective, DCI David Jones, head of the Midlands Police Serious Crime Unit, long to discover a link between Hollie and convicted sex-offender, Ellis Flynn.

With Hollie's chances of survival fading, Jones and his colleague Alex Olganski risk their careers when they ignore protocol to follow Flynn’s trail across the Channel into France.

What they discover in an idyllic backwater will stretch Jones' detection skills to the limit, and Alex's loyalty to heartbreak.

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Reviews:Ben on Amazon wrote:

If you read a lot as I do, you get jaded after awhile and tire of similar plots from different authors and long for something to really grab your attention and ruin your social life because you can't stop reading. For the first time in years, that very thing happened when I bought "The DCI Jones Casebook Box Set".

I couldn't put the first book down and read it in 2 days, thinking I had figured out the ending, only to be completely wrong. The storyline is entertaining, intriguing, engaging, fast-paced, and filled with details of police procedure and incredible character development. If I were a film producer, I would option the first book and make a blockbuster movie on the cheap (the story would sell it without Special Effects or expensive and elaborate sets). By this time, Donovan had me by the throat in a stranglehold and I raced through the next books, forgoing TV, Movies and "gasp", social events.

Each book is stand alone and need not be read in order, though they are tied together by recurring characters that you will feel like you know. I just purchase the last book and I'll spend a wonderful weekend reading it.

PRC on Amazon wrote:

Great set of books. I read them almost non stop and then ordered the fourth book. Good writing style, interesting plots and entertaining characters.

Highly recommend.

Patricia Hoffman on Amazon wrote:

I enjoy good police investigation and this didn't disappoint. The characters come alive and following them in their lives and surrounding terrain was most vivid.

Teresa Collins on Amazon wrote:

If you like police procedurals this is definitely the box set for you. I wish there was a way to give a higher than 5 star rating; it's that good. The set covers the gambit from a serious jewel thief to a kidnapper.

In Sean Freeman, the story of the jewel thief, I just knew I had everything figured out, except how things were going to come to a satisfactory conclusion. I was wrong. Mr Donovan threw me more curves than I ever expected. The action was spot on and kept me on my toes.

In Raymond Collins, a murderer, my heart stayed in my throat for almost the entire story. It is such a commentary on the state of mental health issues in the world today. It almost made me want to take all those I love and lock them behind closed doors in order to keep them safe.

Then comes the most heart-stopping, twisted story of the three, Ellis Flynn, the kidnapper. This story had me seriously considering increasing my blood pressure medication due to the tension. It has it all: smiles, a chuckle, tears, anger, fear and relief.

At one point I messaged Mr Donovan and told him I hated him, if that gives you a clue. The characters in the books are so well written that you really begin to care about them. Each case is written from the "bad guy's" point of view as well as the detectives' view, which gives it a unique feel. The reader knows what's going on with the bad guys (up to a certain point: a good author never reveals everything until he's ready!)

There is continuity and flow between the books, which makes the reader feel they have read one long, enjoyable saga, instead of three separate books. But be warned; when you get to Ellis Flynn, try not to have anything else to do in your life (like sleep or eat) because you are not going to want to stop until you finish. The hallmark of a true winner in my estimation.