New Lucky Shores Book – The Long Road Home

Hey Guys,

Since it’s just past my birthday, I thought I’d type up a quick post about my latest Lucky Shores novel released today!

Can love survive revenge?

After nearly four years away at medical school, recently qualified doctor, Chet Walker, is only hours away from returning to Lucky Shores and his fiancée, Josie.

When a quick coffee break at a rest stop diner turns into a desperate race to save a young girl’s life, Walker stumbles into something much more sinister and much deadlier. Walker’s Good Samaritan act sets in motion a chain of events that threatens to tear his world apart and forces him to choose between his medical oath and his love.

Josephine Donoghue has a secret. Between fleeting, long-distance video calls with Chet and the town medical centre needing him to start work the minute he arrives home, she hasn’t found the right time to tell him.

But when Chet is called away to another medical emergency by Sheriff Boyd, Josie’s time might be running out.

Will a dangerous man hell-bent on revenge separate the unlikely lovers permanently?

And in other news, I’ve finally started putting my office together in our new home, so that means more writing time is coming soon!


P.S. Finding Home, the first Lucky Shores book will be FREE (in the UK and US) on the 1st of June, so if you haven’t read this series yet, now is your chance.