On Lucky Shores

On Lucky Shores

Now an International Bestseller!

On Lucky Shores - Cover

Witness to a car crash and in receipt of a cryptic message from a dying man, traveling musician, Chet Walker, reaches the picturesque lakeside town of Lucky Shores. He faces hostility and suspicion from the locals and learns that the information he carries could unlock an eight-year-old mystery—it could also get him killed.

Josephine Dolan, owner of the Lucky Shores diner, wants to bury her past. When Walker arrives with a message from her father, she doesn’t want to hear it. She cuts him cold.

When his life is threatened, Chet Walker learns the truth behind the saying, “no good deed goes unpunished.”

What Reviewers Say About
On Lucky Shores

“… has more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie Whodunit, and more surprises than a box of Cracker Jacks. Lee Child will blanch with envy.”
– Deforest Day, author of A Cold Killing.

“… has great humour throughout and the romance was handled really well … the plot resolution was fantastic.”
– Ashley Capes author of The Bone Mask Trilogy.

“…one of those books that keeps you up at night, turning the page, wanting to know what happens next. A nice mix of scenery, relationships and action, with plenty of mysterious twists and turns, keeps the pace of the story moving nicely.”
– Suzanne Pherigo.

“…is an action packed adventure that I greatly enjoyed. The author has given us a select group of characters – some are nasty pieces of work, others are very likeable. He ended the book with a superb opening for the next in the series. I cannot wait to read the next chapter in Chet Walker’s eventful life.”
– Sophie Bristow Harris.

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Amazon US (paperback)

Read the first three chapters of On Lucky Shores.

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  • Reader Reviews

    • I loved it! It was gripping from the very first page and didn’t disappoint. The characters were believable and intriguing. I can’t wait for the next in the series. Smitty (Amazon)
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